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Mobile apps for live events are the ultimate secret weapon. For a festival as mammoth as Tennessee’s Bonnaroo, it can be a lifesaver having a mobile app downloaded and ready to go in your pocket (literally). Here at TBA, we’ve compiled a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Bonnaroo mobile app, and how it can work in your favor throughout the festival.

Where To Download The Bonnaroo Mobile App

The Official Bonnaroo Mobile App is available for download in both the iOS and Google Play app store. Downloading the app is free of charge.

Bonnaroo Mobile App Features

Just downloading the app to your phone isn’t enough – as a Bonnaroo attendee, knowing how to use its myriad of features to your advantage will ensure that your festival weekend runs smoothly. We’ve compiled the app’s best features below to help you navigate the festival with ease, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

Custom Schedules

Headed to Bonnaroo just to see a few select bands? Is there a performer that you absolutely cannot afford to miss? Do the festival goers in your party all have different acts in mind that they want to see? Keeping track of which acts perform when can be tricky. However, the Bonnaroo app makes it easy with custom schedules.

The app’s custom schedule feature allows you to add your favorite, must-see performers to your personalized schedule, and even share it with your friends, too. It organizes them in order of when they perform, ensuring you catch all of your favorite acts live. Additionally, each artist has a detailed page including their bio, music videos, and website. Creating your personalized Bonnaroo schedule before you hit the schedule grounds allows you to make a game plan in advance so you and your crew get to see the best of the best – curated just for you. (Check out the full Bonnaroo lineup here.)

AR Fest Lens

Bonnaroo’s AR Fest Lens feature might be the most unique feature of any festival app that’s ever existed. Not sure who’s playing on stage? Or, not sure who’s up next to perform? Simply open the Bonnaroo app, select “AR Fest Lens,” and point your phone’s camera towards the stage. AR technology will read the stage for you, and tell you not only who’s performing, but who is next to take the stage. This is truly technology at its best. (Note: this feature does not become available in-app until the week leading up to the festival.)

Festival Maps

You’ve parked, set up camp, and made your way through check in – now what? Stepping onto the desert grounds of the 700-acre Manchester Farm can be daunting at first sight. With so much to do, so many bands to see, and so little time, it’s best you know where exactly you’re going. Thankfully, the app supplies users with an interactive, live map of the festival grounds, along with customizable, filterable pins. These pins can be placed anywhere on the map, so you don’t forget where your campsite (or the nearest restroom facility) is. Not sure where to grab some grub? Need to find the fastest way to get to the main stage? The live, app-powered festival maps are sure to point you and your friends in the right direction.


While many of us feel inundated with notifications every day, allowing them to come through from the Bonnaroo app is a smart move. The app prides itself on sending out notifications direct from the Bonnaroo staff to keep festival goers up to date on all the most pertinent ‘Roo info. From pre-sales to lineup changes, the app will keep you in the loop for the big weekend. More importantly, in the event of an emergency during the festival weekend, emergency festival-related notifications will be sent out from the Bonnaroo staff via the mobile app.

My Fest Journey

The Bonnaroo mobile app has the My Fest Journey feature in place to help you digitally memorialize your weekend at the farm. The app will award you badges for getting to see your favorite acts live, activity summary badges, quiz badges, and more. The more steps you take, and the more activities you attend on the festival grounds, the more personalized badges you earn. In addition, the app will provide opportunities to take brief quizzes about your Bonnaroo experience that will earn you more badges and promotional rewards. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have a digital commemoration of your time on the farm all in one place.

Bonnaroo Tickets

Official Bonnaroo tickets go on sale on January 9. There are several ticket types, tiers, and add-ons, so be sure to check out all of your options. Four-day general admission passes start at $319 plus fees.​ Looking to shop around, or waiting until summer gets closer to secure your plans? You can always find tickets on SeatGeek! Use code BONNAROO20 at checkout for $20 off your ticket purchase. Browse tickets here or view select listings below.

(Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash)