TBA attended Arise Music Festival in Colorado just a few short weekends ago. While there, we had the pleasure of sitting down with singer/songwriter Daniel Katsük who performs under the moniker Katsük. Check out the interview below.

How did you begin musical performance?
Daniel Katsük: I was a part of the Spoonfed Tribe for eight years, where we had the chance to travel to some great festivals like Lollapalooza and Bob Marley Fest. And later when I lived in Denver, CO, I connected with members of the Kanal group, whose roots in tribal music had always inspired me. From there, I formed a new musical group called Katsük.

What inspires you most about being here at the Arise Festival?
DK: What inspires me is the energy exchange between the music and the audience–it’s this vortex of energy that continues dancing and cycling. Also the opportunity to be playing with these talented groups. Seeing people moved and that their day has been changed in a positive manner, that’s what excites me most.

How would you describe your musical genre to others?
DK: Transformational earth punk that’s uplifting and conscious.

What instruments do you incorporate to generate such a sound?
DK: We have cello, drums, guitar, horns, flutes and harp. We’re all over the board with a world beat and tribal guitar taking center stage.

What about your music resonates with the community here at Arise?
DK: The authenticity of my music resonates with the crowd, there is a state of being real here. Music alone opens us up in powerful ways, and I feel I have a powerful and authentic story that people respond to.

What do you hope people take away from your music once they hear it?
DK: It has moments of being very uplifting and soaring. The dynamics that it carries from being reggae and tribal rock also help it to be very balanced music. I enjoy seeing kids and elder people dancing–my music has an ageless feel that brings everyone together.

Listen to Katsük at www.katsuk.com