La Roux Tour 2013

Electro-pop’s ginger darling, Elly Jackson, and her cohort, Ben Langmaid who together compose La Roux, will tour the UK briefly before heading out to Cali for the hot, bright, sweaty, two-weekend monstrosity of music and art festival that is COACHELLA. Before Coachella, the group will play few warm-up shows in Brighton, Bristol and Coventry (all across the pond).

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La Roux was formed in London, UK (yes, again with London and that electronic music) in 2008. Since then, they’ve been wooing with their empowering lyrics, pumped up beats, and hooks that get stuck in your head for days. La Roux (if you care for a language lesson), comes from the French word roux, redhead, which is a masculine noun. Jackson put la (a feminine article) in front of it, thus creating an androgynous red-head aka her hair aka her style.

If you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on festival tickets, there fear not – Jackson has been in the studio recording a second album, which is due out this summer.

La Roux New Album 2013

Jackson has been in the studio with American producer and guitarist Nile Rodgers. In a recent interview, she said he was helping to make the album, “warm and sexy.” Two of my favorite things! There’s no set release date yet, but Jackson has hinted that it should be ready sometime by the summer.

La Roux Concert Tickets

La Roux Concerts 2013

Date City State/Country Venue
March 28 Brighton UK Concorde
April 2 Bristol UK The Fleece
April 5 Coventry UK Kasbah
April 14 Indio CA Coachella Festival
April 18 Los Angeles CA The Fonda
April 21 Indio CA Coachella Festival
July 18 Benicassim Festival Spain