Less than a month to go until the first weekend of Coachella and hopefully you have your tickets. But if not, we’re here to help you out at SeatGeek to find the best deals on tickets to the desert event and unofficial kickoff to the summer music festival season.

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Coachella Tickets 2011 Analysis
Coachella Tickets 2012 Analysis
Coachella Ticket Price Comparison

Coachella 2011 Ticket Prices

Coachella 2011 sold out in six days. Things were so much simpler back in 2010. Coachella 2010 didn’t sell out until three days before the festival. Getting tickets to Coachella was far down the list of your summer festival concerns. Flip flops were of high importance, however.

With the quick sellout of 2011’s festival, an unprecedented demand due to a perfect storm of reasons sent prices on the secondary market skyrocketing for those eager to hang out in Indio last April.

During the first week after festival passes sold out, tickets were selling on average $937.33 for standard general admission tickets (without shuttle), a ridiculous 192.92% markup above face value ($320 including fees). Average prices peaked the second week at $942.52 (194.54% above face value) but tumbled by the third week. For those who waited to buy during the third week, festival passes were a mere 49.63% above face value, hovering around $478.82.

While other summer music festivals started to announce their lineups (Sasquatch! Feb. 7th, Bonnaroo Feb. 15th, Pitchfork Mar. 4th), ticket prices remained relatively stable. From January 30th until March 19th, Coachella passes sold on the secondary market hovered between the 43.02% and 59.82% above face value ($479.22 – $511.43).

Prices took off again once the two weeks leading up to Coachella 2011, with passes sold at an average of $645.40(twice face value) on secondary markets.

Coachella Tickets 2012 Analysis

Just like last year, prices bottomed out about a month after tickets sold out. Demand was overwhelming during the first week of the sellout, with prices 102.64% and 83.13% above face value for weekend one and two, respectively. At their cheapest, tickets were 20.28% and 24.14% less expensive that its peak for weekend one and two during the week of January 29th until February 5th.

If last year is a point of reference, tickets will start to go up beginning this week, right until the last week before the show.

Coachella Ticket Prices On the Secondary Market

Aside from the first crazy weeks of last year, both weekends are on par with average markup based on last year’s ticket prices.

Week After Sellout Coachella 2011 Coachella 2012 WKD 1 Coachella 2012 WKD 2
Week 1 192.92% 102.64% 83.13%
Week 2 194.54% 93.81% 71.91%
Week 3 43.02% 86.86% 54.14%
Week 4 49.76% 61.55% 38.92%
Week 5 49.63% 69.64% 54.72%
Week 6 49.69% 72.91% 55.39%
Week 7 58.71% 79.04% 62.66%
Week 8 59.82% 66.52% 74.14%
Week 9 51.04% 58.14% 61.58%
Week 10 65.28% 62.65% 47.45%

With prices correlating strongly week to week, now’s the time to buy tickets is now before they spike up again.

Coachella Tickets 2012

Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA tickets from $584
Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA tickets from $490
Thursday 8:00 AM Indio, CA tickets from $122
Thursday 8:00 AM Indio, CA tickets from $331
Saturday 11:00 AM Indio, CA
Sunday 11:00 AM Indio, CA tickets from $580
Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA
Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA
Saturday 11:00 AM Indio, CA
Sunday 11:00 AM Indio, CA