The movie that launched a million college posters—The Big Lebowski—inspired its very own festival, Lebowski Fest, and it’s coming back to New York City this August 22 and 23 for a weekend of bathrobes, White Russians, and imported rugs. The first night is set to take place at Lucky Strike Lanes (obviously), where fans and festival goers alike can bowl, participate in costume and trivia contests, and more. The second night is being held at Gramercy Theatre and will boast a concert by Lebowski-inspired band Cover Me Badd and a showing of the famed Coen Brothers film. Since it began in 2002, Lebowski Fest has been held over 60 times in three different countries. For tickets, visit the festival’s website.

Written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, The Big Lebowski did poorly at the time of its release in 1998, bombing at the box office and receiving mixed rankings. But, as time progressed, the film gained a cult following and is loved for its weird dream sequences, off-beat soundtrack, crazy characters, and, let’s just say, colorful dialogue. Joel Coen has said that the film is loosely based on the work of Raymond Chandler. John Turturro has suggested that he’d love to do a spin-off based on the character Jesus Quintana, so there could be another chapter for Lebowski fans.

Lebowski Fest NYC Tour Dates & Tickets

Lebowski Fest NYC 2014 Dates

August 22 – 23 @ New York, NY (assorted venues)

The Big Lebowski Video for “Jesus”

Image source: Jennifer Blakeslee via Flickr.