Moogfest 2014 is upon us! The electronic festival–billed as “the synthesis of technology, art & music”–has taken over Asheville, NC, for the fourth year in a row, and the lineup is as stacked as ever. Kraftwerk 3D, Pet Shop Boys, M.I.A., Giorgio Moroder and Janelle Monae will all be there, along with about 100 (literally) other performers. While we over at TBA weren’t able to make the trek from NYC to below the Mason-Dixon line to join the fun, our friends and trusty cohorts over at MaDCap will be covering the event all weekend long. They’ll be providing us with exclusive interviews and live content that you can check out here on TBA, or by heading to their official site right here.

While we anxiously await their arrival (did you pack enough sunblock? Don’t forget to stay hydrated!), here’s a preview of the festival they’ve put together featuring prolific DJ Dillon Francis. They’ll also take some time to chat with Emmy Parker, brand and marketing manager at Moog Music. This two-hour podcast should be enough to wet your collective appetites for the time being. Enjoy!

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