A music revolution is upon us as it turns out that the alternative rock band known for their anthems “Kings and Queens,” “Closer to the Edge,” “This Is War,” and “The Kill” have announced the very first virtual concert!

A what? That’s right, a concert held nowhere else but cyberspace. That shouldn’t be too hard to imagine given the state of being the internet has become.

It’s basically like a second home. In partnering with VyRT and Ustream — two online services designed to bridge the internet social media with the live audience — the band helmed by vocalist Jared Leto on rhythm guitar has made it possible to actually sit at home and enjoy a concert online, streamed live. Joining Jared, of course, is his two other band members, Shannon Leto on drums, and Tomo Miličević on lead guitar and keyboard.

This, of course, simply celebrates 30 Seconds’ 300th show. They simply thought a worldwide concert without all the headaches of finding a parking spot, getting a good enough spot to stand among all the other headbangers while trying to listen to your favorite rock band of the century, and then making your way back home after five hours of getting out of the traffic jam.

That’s a pretty good idea.

The band has marketed it as a “Virtual Social Concert Experience.” That’s got to be killer. Of course, you still have to buy your ticket through VyRT. It’s all worth it, though. Imagine the possibilities with bands going this route and how technology has shaped the home life. In this day and age, you can practically stream live content from your server to your big-screen TV!

Live concert on your TV, streamed live? Sounds good to me.

VyRT’s web site offers their virtual tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars at $14.99 a pop. Not too shabby considering front row seats are basically a non-issue since cyberspace fronts the whole crowd completely! You’ve got to love cyberspace….

There’s no doubt that bands are taking advantage of how the internet has shaped the industry. Bravo, Mars. Bravo.