Phish is on fire right now. Having just announced their first-ever destination festival in Mexico, plus their über popular Madison Square Garden New Year’s run, anxiety is high and wallets are thin for phans around the world. Plus, with rumors of a winter tour as well as a possible trek through Europe, sh*t is basically bananas.

With so much going with The Phish from Vermont, getting the money and time off to fund your obsession is only half the battle. The other half? Scoring tickets. But no matter how dire the situation might seem, take it from somebody who knows: it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

The 7 Stages of Buying Phish Tickets

1. Optimism
“It’s going to be different this time, I just know it. I didn’t hit lottery but I’m definitely getting floor tickets for 12/31.”
phish tix_happy(GIF source Tumblr)

2. Anticipation
Laptops are running, mobile apps are open, Phish is playing, palms are sweating. You got this!!!
phish tix_anticipation (GIF source Gifbay)

3. Excitement
“I only have a six minute wait time!! I’m so in!”
phish tix_bees (GIF source Reddit)

4. Disappointment
“…Just kidding, now it’s a 45-minute wait time.”
phish tix_dissapointment (GIF source Reddit)

5. Failure
No tickets available? But I waited in line! I never refreshed!!! You told me it would be OK!!!
phish tix_failure(GIF source

6. Perseverance
Hours, days, weeks, years. It doesn’t matter how many ridiculous captchas you have to fill out (“but what picture has waffles in it!?!?”), you’re in this for the long haul.
phish tix_perseverance(GIF source

7. Acceptance
OK, so maybe you didn’t score tickets during the on-sale, maybe you did. It doesn’t matter–you know you’ll be there. It’s called a re-release, duh.
phish tix_phish(GIF source Scott Aukerman)

*For those on the hunt for Phish tickets, check out SeatGeek to see a list of available inventory on the secondary market. Track the band and get ticket price and tour updates sent to your email or mobile device.*