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In case you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re one of those lame people who “don’t listen” to hip-hop, it’s time you threw on some Angel Haze and STFU-ed. Born in Detroit, now based in NY (to the concern of Azealia Banks… more on that later…) this 21-year-old rapper has ill skills. In a land of bubble-gum-sugary-sweet female artists/rappers, she keeps it real and doesn’t need autotune to sound good. Don’t believe it? Check her out on Tuesday, January 29th, when she plays a show with Cat Power at Terminal 5 in New York City, before joining Major Lazer for shows across the United States.

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In a Novemeber interview with Pitchfork, Angel Haze said she was planning on flying to LA to work on her album with the hope that it would be done by December. (This has not happened and seems unlikely, as she’s about to start touring pretty extensively.) In addition to telling Pitchfork that she hoped to collaborate with Jason Mraz (this makes no sense to me either) and Bassnectar (slightly less bizzare) on her album, she ended by saying (about her forthcoming album), “I want it to sound musical and much bigger than the last thing I put out. I want it feel like it’s been shaped very intricately; I just want it to sound like music.” But for now, she’s so hood her mixtapes are free, so cop her EPs Classick and Reservation, and get hyped.

Angel Haze Concert Tickets

Angel Haze vs Azealia Banks

Earlier in January, apropos of seemingly nothing, Haze responded to Banks’ tweet, “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY… DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER,” which may, or may not, actually have been directed at her. The whole thing got pretty heated (you can see the gory details here), as things strangely tend to do on Twitter and ended in Haze making a hate track (so ’90s) and then apologizing (so 2013). She deleted her tweets, but not her track, so you can listen to Haze spit hot fire (“B*tch I’m in the 313 / With a f*cking meat cleaver, like who want beef?” “I want you b*tches so scared that you mental break / So you’ll forever be broke with expensive taste.” Burnnnnnnnnn) here and also admire the photoshop she did on Azealia – it hearkens back to the simpler days of Myspace and Microsoft Paint.

Angel Haze Concert Tickets

Angel Haze Concerts


Date City State/Country Venue
03/19/13 Madison WI Majestic Theatre
03/20/13 Minneapolis MN First Avenue
03/21/13 St Louis MO The Pageant *%
03/22/13 Kansas City MO Midland Theatre
03/25/13 Vancouver BC Venue
03/26/13 Seattle WA Showbox SoDo
03/27/13 Portland OR Roseland Theater
03/28/13 San Francisco CA The Independent
05/07/13 London UK Scala
05/08/13 Brighton UK Concorde 2
05/09/13 London UK Heaven
05/10/13 Birmingham UK HMV Institute

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