The band that grew out of childhood friendships, who later developed a psychedelic, upbeat collection of lyrics and mashed-up sounds, plans to release their eleventh album this upcoming September. Centipede Hz will be released through Domino Records on September 4th, 2012 for the popular experimental band, Animal Collective.

As well as a new album release, Animal Collective plans to tour across the US and Europe starting September 18th through November 19th. September will be a jam-packed month for the four friends; Avey Tare, Noah Lennox (also known as Panda Bear), Josh Dibb, and Brian Weitz.

Ticket prices are still being modified as the tour is in preparation. However, prices primarily range from $70 to $200. For select locations, they can range from $33 to $70. Take a look yourself and start planning!

Past Average Ticket Prices

City State Venue Name Date Avg. Price
Los Angeles CA Hollywood Bowl 7/5/2012 $65.00
Los Angeles CA Hollywood Bowl 7/7/2012 $51.00
Oakland CA Fox Theater – Oakland 7/8/2012 $49.67
Columbia MD Merriweather Post Pavilion 7/9/2012 $74.00

2011 Show Locations

Centipede Hz Tracks Include:

1. Moonjock
2. Today’s Supernatural

3. Rosie Oh

4. Applesauce 

5. Wide Eyed

6. Father Time

7. New Town Burnout

8. Monkey Riches

9. Mercury Man

10. Pulleys

11. Amanita

Check Out Merriweather Post Pavilion

Animal Collective NYC

For those city folks, Animal Collective will make their way through the big apple.

The group of noise-makers will be playing at Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn. The tickets are all General Admission and very much in high demand, with pricing from $73 to $372! As for the venue, Williamsburg Waterfront is the ideal location for an outdoor concert, stretching along the East River with views of Midtown Manhattan. Park capacity is 5,000 and Animal Collective is preparing to pack the place.

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