Avicii New Album

Superclub DJ Avicii (aka Tim Berg aka Tim Bergling) is diligently maintaining his status as electro-heads’ favorite performer, by going to work on a brand new album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mr. Berling makes the valid point that EDM listeners only listen to singles, so he is trying to craft an entire album of singles. With this in mind, Avicii anticipates his latest collection to be much more song-based than his previous releases.

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Now that he’s got a some clout, Avicii has managed to rustle up an impressive roster of artists to collaborate with. On the rock/guitar end of the spectrum, Mike Einziger (guitarist for Incubus) and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda will be up in the studio. Even more exciting is the presence of musical polymath Nile Rogers, a producer/composer/guitarist/arranger who’s collaborated with such greats as David Bowie (he produced Let’s Dance) and Daft Punk. To round out the all-star line-up there’s Mac Davis, the country singer/songwriter who wrote for Elvis. Because he is working with a variety of talented artists, Avicii feels he’ll be able to take his music in new and exciting places. Fingers crossed that his latest tracks will be a refreshing departure from the typical bro-electro being produced today.

New Album Release Date

There’s no officially announced release date at this time, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, Avicii didn’t offered neither a year nor season for album completion.

Avicii Concerts

What better way to wait for the album than to go see Avicii himself?

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