Backstreet Boys New Album

Backstreet’s back! Again! For the first time since Kevin Richardson left in 2006, the Backstreet Boys are reunited & at full power for a new album release. In a World Like This will hit US stores this July, just before their reunion tour kicks off in August. Fans who feel in love with BSB in the 90s will be happy to see all five men back, crooning on songs and dancing on stage. In a music industry that’s far different from their first three mega albums, it’ll be interesting to see how many copies they sell now in comparison to nearly 70 million (seventy!) from those records.

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While the tour features DJ Pauly D and Jesse McCartney on the road, the album will not be a mash-up fest like their 2011 collaboration with New Kids on the Block. The new Backstreet Boys single “Permanent Stain” reminds fans of the group’s earliest hits, and this BSB single will be provided for free to every tour ticket buyer out there. The much anticipated In a World Like This, which celebrates the Backstreet Boys’ 20th anniversary, doesn’t really need any help to sell copies, but rewarding concert ticket buyers with a free tune is a nice incentive to get their music out there. As more dates are added to the tour and more details become available about the new Backstreet Boys album, check back with SeatGeek to keep up with the latest BSB news!

Backstreet Boys New Album Release Date

In a World Like This will be release July 30, 2013, just a couple of days before the supporting tour begins August 2, 2013, at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago, IL. The US tour concludes before their October concert cruise.

Backstreet Boys New Album Cover

While a few low-grade, speculative images are currently circulating as an album cover, the band hasn’t yet released the official cover art. Check back at SeatGeek and we’ll keep you updated!

Backstreet Boys New Album Tracklist

The band has stated it plans to record in excess of 50 tracks before making the final cut for In a World Like This songs. Here are a few that they’ve publicly previewed to date & have a good chance of making the final album.

Track Number Song Title
TBA Light On
TBA Madeline
TBA Soldier
TBA In Your Arms
TBA Show ’em What You’re Made Of
TBA Trust Me
TBA Permanent Stain
TBA Breathe

It’s really doubtful that a Backstreet Boys Harlem Shake reprisal is in the works for their latest tour, but you never know…

Backstreet Boys Discography

The Backstreet Boys new album In a World Like This will be BSB’s eighth new studio production. Their first two albums sold over 28 million copies worldwide, propelling them to the top of the music industry. Their third album was certified platinum thirteen times over, a remarkable achievement. Despite a couple of breaks as a group over time, it’s this initial surge that provided the Backstreet Boys with 20 years of staying power on the scene.

Year Album Name Copies Sold
1996 Backstreet Boys 14 million
1997 Backstreet’s Back 14 million
1999 Millenium 40 million
2000 Black & Blue 24 million
2001 The Hits – Chapter One 6 million
2005 Never Gone 10 million
2007 Unbreakable 1.5 million
2009 This Is Us 1 million

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