Forget the odd short, sweet (suggestive) serenade for a birthday, or public function: Our 44th president had a squadron of A-list musicians singing his praises this election season. Everyone from BFFs Jay-Z and Beyonce, to Team Obama stalwarts The National, to the (somewhat) prescient Bob Dylan, to Bruce Springsteen to Katy Perry to Stevie Wonder… all stepped up to stump for, or lend their recognizable voices in support of, President Barack Obama.

And now that the numbers are in, the canvassing is complete, and the ads have been silenced, everyone can finally – keep right on working. There’s no rest for our Commander in Chief, nor will many of his devotees switch off their mics anytime soon. Stevie Wonder, who wrote a song for Obama, has two LA dates coming up this winter; Bob Dylan is wrapping up his successful 2012 tour at the end of the month; Bon Jovi is readying for a massive 2013 world takeover; and even Katy Perry, lacking an album as well as a liberal politician to promote, has scheduled a show for December 4.

We’ve got ticket links for all of the above – in addition to Pitbull, Dave Matthews Band and Red Hot Chili Peppers – below. There’s also some video of the partisan entertainers on the campaign circuit, and be sure to check back here for all updates on these and other artists’ future shows!

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Video of Bands Supporting Obama

Bruce Springsteen

Stevie Wonder

The National


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