11/29/2011 Update: Eminem Lil Wayne to go on world tour in 2012.

Tickets for the much-hyped Eminem and Jay-Z home and home concerts at Comerica Park in Detroit and Yankee Stadium in New York were so popular that the two artists had to announce two more shows, to meet the demand of their fans. Tickets sold on the primary market, and they sold fast. Now that most tickets are sold out, the prime place to buy tickets is on the secondary market.

At SeatGeek, we wanted to see how the tickets listed on the secondary market compared for the concerts in each city. Currently, tickets for the New York concerts are in higher demand, and are listed for more money than tickets for the Detroit concerts. Interestingly, in Detroit, tickets for the first and original concert on September 3 are on average cheaper than the tickets for the second concert that was added after tickets sold out fast. However, in NY, the opposite is the case; tickets for the original concert on September 13 are listing for more than the added concert. Both added concerts are occurring the night after the first concert in each city.

If you check out the listing page for these concerts and scroll down to the bottom, you can see the average listing price for that event, as well as the price forecast, which tells you either to buy now or wait for the price to decrease.

Jay-Z Eminem Concert Sept. 13 Average Listing Prices on SeatGeek

For the concerts in Detroit, the average listing prices are around $175, but that price is predicted to increase sharply. SeatGeek recommends buying now. In New York, tickets are aggregating at an average of $374 and $313 for the September 13 and 14 concerts respectively. These prices are forecasted to increase, as well, and fans are recommended to buy now.

Eminem and Jay-Z Average Listing Prices on SeatGeek

The range of ticket prices for the concerts in Detroit is $8250, for tickets VIP General Admission tickets ($250 at face value) to $81, for upper level tickets in the 300 section ($49.50 at face). Yankee Stadium tickets are averaging more, so the range is a bit higher, as well. The most expensive seats are listed for $22,000 each, for Field Seats center stage ($298 face value), while the cheapest listing is $153 a ticket in several sections, including Terrace Granstand side state tickets (400 level, $52.50 at face, which is cheapest tickets for the NYC concert).

Eminem and Jay-Z Listing Prices on SeatGeek

There are several reasons why the tickets in New York are listed for higher prices than they are in Detroit. Generally, New York has a higher mean income than Detroit, and NY fans are more willing and able to pay more than Detroit fans. Plus, the greater population in New York means that there is a greater demand for tickets for the New York concerts than for the Detroit concerts, and the greater demand further increases the listing prices on the secondary ticket market.

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