Top Hip Hop Artists

Hip Hop is best described as poetry being set to a rhythmic beat. The most powerful hip hop songs throughout history were the ones able to connect with urban culture in America and bring it to the forefront of society. While hip hop is often under criticism for its controversial lyrics, there is no denying it has become a widely popular form of art. The competition for best rapper alive has been hotly contested. Lil Wayne has proclaimed himself “Best Rapper Alive,” while Jay-Z has titled himself “King of Hip-Hop.”

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The top 10 hip-hop artists, as well as new hip-hop artists lists will be included below. Hip-hop, just as many things in life, is ruled by the “what have you done for me lately?” mantra. These lists are as current as April 9. For arguments sake, the Top 10 of all time has been included below. Also, scroll down to score tickets to see Lil Wayne, T.I., and Future at the America’s Most Wanted Tour. Stay tuned to SeatGeek for more updates and news as it relates to Hip-Hop.

Top 10 Current Hip Hop Artists

Rank Artist
1 Jay-Z
2 Lil Wayne
3 Kanye West
4 Drake
5 Eminem
6 T.I.
7 J Cole
8 Rick Ross
9 Nicki Minaj
10 Wale

Top 10 New Hip Hop Artists

Rank Artist
1 J Cole
2 Nicki Minaj
3 Wale
4 Whiz Khalifa
5 Future
6 Tyga
7 2 Chainz
8 Macklemore
9 Kendrick Lamar
10 Juicy J

Top 10 All Time Hip Hop Artists

Rank Artist
1 Tupac Shakur
2 Notorious B.I.G.
3 Jay-Z
4 Eminem
5 Lil Wayne
6 Snoop Dogg
7 Nas
8 Dr. Dre
9 Kanye West
10 50 Cent

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