Comedian/actor/Breaking Bad spin-off star Bob Odenkirk just did something that’s not too common in comedy, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. For his upcoming stand-up album, Amateur Hour, out this fall, he’s elected to include his opening act, Brandon Wardell, on the disc. Nice guy, eh? Prior to recording, Wardell had no clue that he was being included on the album. He said, “I thought I was just opening for his album recording and then found out after the show I’m actually on it and he just didn’t want me to be nervous.” Odenkirk is also bringing Wardell on tour to promote Odenkirk’s latest book of plays, A Load of Hooey. Dates for this haven’t yet been announced, but it is not hooey that we will let you know as soon we get them.

Bob Odenkirk is best known for co-creating the HBO comedy show Mr. Show with Bob and David (with David Cross), and, more recently, for portraying Walter White’s lawyer, Saul Goodman, on AMC’s Breaking Bad. A spin-off, Better Call Saul, is set to air next year and has already been picked up for second season. He’s directed three movies: 2003’s Melvin Goes to Dinner; 2006’s Let’s Go to Prison; and 2007’s The Brothers Solomon.

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Image source: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.