The American Idol rocker’s still going strong, obviously, as he recently announced the beginning of his upcoming tour featuring the multi-platinum selling third album “Break the Spell” by 19 Recordings/RCA Records. That’s Chris Daughtry for you, rockin’ it out as always. Isn’t it any wonder why he didn’t win American Idol from way back?

Still, it seems as if he really didn’t need the Idol crown. I repeat: multi-platinum. ‘Nuff said. Look for the start of this tour hitting the ground on March 20, right in Buffalo, NY. April 30 will be the ending date in New York City. Details about the stops in between? Check here for the goods.

Obviously band members as well — guitarists Josh Steely and Brian Craddock, bass guitarist Josh Paul, and drummer Robin Diaz — are pretty jazzed to bring some good ol’ Daughtry rock ‘n’ roll into the mix of the new year, and you shall be, too. But that’s not all….

Apparently, Daughtry’s also welcoming special guest along for the ride: Nashville’s very own pop rock group SafetySuit. Talk about adding fuel to the rock ‘n’ roll fire. It was hot enough with Daughtry on stage. Be prepared to feel the heat….

Of course, Daughtry’s not all fun and games with the hard rock scene. He actually has plans to promote charity on this new tour, featuring an initiative to battle the disease of malaria most prevalent in Africa. $1 from each ticket he sells will go right to the cause of “Malaria No More,” a non-profit dedicated to eradicating the horrible infection.

Rock on, Daughtry!

And speaking of tickets…. Wondering when you can find them? Good question — but I’ve got a good answer, too! Expect the tickets to show up around January 20th.

So get your wallets out. They’ll go fast. You don’t want to miss this tour — not at all.