I used to be such a fan of Britney Spears that I could even enjoy her muted, but now it seems her waning faithful and a poor economy are ignoring her into irrelevance. Sales of her eight-city European Femme Fatale tour haven’t been great, reducing Live Nation to slash ticket prices and throw the pop star on Groupon. While the daily deal was used largely over her American dates to help top off her shows, it’s now being relied upon to try to salvage half-empty European venues. Tickets originally priced at $88 are now going for $48 through different promotions.

Because we don’t track data on European events we can’t get as firm a grasp on the carnage as we’d like, but luckily for us we have the numbers from her American dates. Much like some of her wardrobe choices, it’s not pretty:

The average tickets prices aren’t too bad, but it’s the sudden, sharp decreases in demand that really tell the tale. The Improper has some insight into why that may be:

“The tour got off to a rough start. It’s her first in two years, following her 2009 Circus tour. Britney, 29, hit the road weighing a hefty 155 pounds. In an early Los Angeles outing, her dance moves were good, but not spectacular and at times she wore skimpy bikini costumes that revealed her tummy rolls. When she sprawled on the floor, for a fleeting moment, it was anyone’s guess if she would be able to get up gracefully on her own.”

Yikes. Britney may need to pull a Madonna before Lady Gaga beats her to it. Check out the rest of SeatGeek’s concert listings to see where the Taylor Swift khalasar breaks ground next.