Right after their debut in the k-pop scene, BTS quickly became one of the most popular and successful bands in the world. Known for their catchy songs and impressive choreography, they also have one of the most dedicated fan bases around. Here are our favorite BTS videos:


This 2018 video quickly broke a YouTube record by getting 45 million views in 24 hours (no small feat, considering the previous record-holder was Taylor Swift). The video’s details, like colorful suits, Matrix-style lighting, rainbow mannequins, and an underwater sequence, are fun visuals for the song’s positive lyrics about self-acceptance.


With twisting choreography meant to invoke the shape of a DNA strand, this brightly colored 2017 video is certainly a trip. The cheerful visuals and details throughout — like vivid walls, flashing lights, painted murals, and candy-colored pyramids — helped to secure its spot as BTS’s most-viewed music video of all time.

“No More Dream”

From BTS’s 2013 debut album 2 Cool 4 School, this music video features the band taking over a school bus and generally causing trouble. Most of their dancing takes place in an abandoned, graffiti-ridden building, and the choreography is as exact and impressive as ever. Shot at night and featuring a color scheme of mostly black, this video shows the band’s versatility in terms of style.

“Blood Sweat & Tears”

The video for this 2016 track is definitely a standout, taking place almost entirely in a museum. It features everything from a sunset-hued dinner party to a band member floating in mid-air. There’s also a spoken word passage in the middle, and statues bleeding neon paint. It’s hard to predict what’ll come next, and the variety of colors and styles throughout make this video one to remember.

“Save Me”

The video for this 2016 single is the only one on this list shot in a single location, featuring the band in a big, grassy field for the entirety of the song. There’s a dream-like feel to the video, featuring darker, less saturated colors and the band members dressed down in ripped black jeans. The simplicity of the set makes both the choreography and the lyrics really pop.

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Words by Eve Kenneally