During a performance for iHeartRadio Live at New York’s P.C. Richard & Son Theater, Michael Buble pranked his adoring audience when he announced recent divorcee Kim Kardashian would be joining him on stage. Once the crowd settled, Buble came clean, quipping, “Nah, just f—ing with you! That bitch isn’t coming on my stage.” According to the New York Post, he went on to dedicate his next song — Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ — to Kris Humphries, joking throughout, “She hurt him, she hurt him! I wish she had hurt me!”

Earlier this year, The Artist Formally Known as Prince welcomed the socialite onstage during a show at Madison Square Garden, only to boot her right back off when she refused to do anything other than stand there.

I’ve never much cared for Buble, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. Who better to keep soulless celebs in check than another guy who married way out of his league. I think there’s an NBA lockout joke in there somewhere.