Camper Van Beethoven Tour 2013

It seems announcing album releases are musicians’ new favorite way of celebrating. Yesterday, on his 66th birthday, David Bowie announced he’ll be releasing another album (his 30th!), titled The Next Day. In a similar spirit, Camper von Beeethoven announced their ninth (still a little ways to go before you’re at Bowie’s level) album, La Costa Perdida, which coincides with their 30th anniversary AND a tour. La Costa Perdida is slated to be released on January 22nd, and the tour starts four days before, on January 18th at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. From there, the band heads to New York, Boston and then south, where they’ll play shows in Atlanta, Augusta, and Athens, GA. (Apparently the Camper Van Beethoven fan-base resides in southern cities whose names begin with the letter “A.”)

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Camper Van Beethoven‘s history and music are as eclectic are their name. They originally formed in the 1980’s as a hardcore punk band, in Redlands, CA, and were a part of the Inland Empire’s rampant 80’s punk-band scene. As they evolved, Camper Van Beethoven continued to combine elements of pop, ska, punk rock, folk, alternative country, and world music to great success. Their first three albums were self-released and their dedication to DYI values has been credited with helping to develop the indie music scene of the 1990’s. What better way to celebrate their 30th anniversary than to see them in concert?

Camper Van Beethoven Concert Tickets

Camper Van Beethoven Concert Schedule

Date City State/Country Venue
01/18/13 Philadelphia PA World Cafe Live
1//19/13 New York NY Stage 48
1/20/13 Cambridge MA The Middle East
1/23/13 Augusta GA Sky City
1/24/13 Athens GA The Firebird
1/25/13 Asheville NC The Grey Eagle
1/26/13 Atlanta GA The Earl
1/27/13 Charleston WV Mountain Stage
2/14/13 Rochester NY Burnsville PAC
2/22/13 Seattle WA Tractor Tavern
2/23/13 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios

Camper Van Beethoven Past Setlist

Main Set

Track Song
1 Waka
2 Tania
3 Too High for the Love In
4 Seven Languages
5 Sad Lovers Waltz
6 She Divines Water
7 Take the Skinheads Bowling
8 L’Aguardiente
1 All Her Favorite Fruit
2 Sweethearts
3 Eye of Fatima Pt. 1
4 Eye of Fatima Pt. 2
5 You Got To Roll
6 Summer Days
7 New Roman Times
8 Peaches In The Summertime
8 Pictures of Matchstick Men (Status Quo Cover)


Track Song
1 La Costa Perdida

Camper Van Beethoven Videos