Country Music Keeps Evolving

What was once known by many as a genre enjoyed by few – defined by banjos, twang, and women that done you wrong – has evolved into one of the most powerful parts of the music industry. Country music still has some artists keeping with the tried and true formula of cowboy hats, guitars, and men singing about love, loss, and loving America. Some artists that seem to fit this mold, such as Brad Paisley or Kenny Chesney, can still breakout with some tongue-in-cheek songwriting that both honors predecessors while also getting pop culture sensations like William Shatner and George from Seinfeld in on the act. And now you’ll also see powerful women like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift selling out arenas, using dubstep in their singles, and commanding the attention of the overall pop music charts.

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Country has been mainstream for years, ushered deeper into the pop music scene by one-time crossover sensations like Garth Brooks and Shania Twain. Some argue country music has now grown to also occupy the radio waves and music once identified as traditional rock music. Eric Church‘s “Springsteen” is a not-so-subtle nod to this evolution, as are the country – and pop – airwaves featuring songs by previous rock staples like Kid Rock, Darius Rucker (some still think of him as Hootie minus the Blowfish), and another rocker from Jersey you may recognize: Bon Jovi. The radio play and obviously accommodating fan base is sure to continue opening doors for nontraditional artists, as welcoming more people to see country music is more – and better – than old stereotypes.

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Country Music Artists of the Year

Each year, Country Music Television honors a handful of successful artists as the benchmark for their industry.

Year Country Artist
2010 Carrie Underwood
2010 Jason Aldean
2010 Lady Antebellum
2010 Taylor Swift
2010 Zac Brown Band
2011 Brad Paisley
2011 Taylor Swift
2011 Jason Aldean
2011 Kenny Chesney
2011 Lady Antebellum
2012 Carrie Underwood
2012 Kenny Chesney
2012 Miranda Lambert
2012 Jason Aldean
2012 Luke Bryan
2012 Eric Church
2012 Toby Keith

Country Music Groups

Although no country music groups were recognized as artists of the year in 2012, the following videos from Zac Brown Band, Lady Antelbellum, and The Band Perry are a small but convincing sample of the talent that composes the country music duo and group corners of the industry.

Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

Lady Antebellum – Downtown

The Band Perry – Gravedigger