Country Music Lyrics

Country music tells beautiful stories about women, whiskey, tractors, heartbreak, cowboy boots, and dusty sunsets. Though the tone of some country artists is notably more pop-y than past generations, the content is largely unchanged and a truly talented lyricist can weave all these subjects into one song. They can capture the humor in heartbreak, the joy of drinking out of sadness, the beauty of farm machinery.

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Kenny Chesney, in addition to looking FINE in a cowboy hat, is also a fabulous lyricist, take, for example, song, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”:
“Well she ain’t into cars or pick-up trucks, but if it runs like a Deere then her eyes light up. She thinks my tractor’s sexy. It really turns her on.
She’s always staring at me, while I’m chugging along.”

Chesney is a master of simile – check this one out from “Big Star”:
“She signed autographs like she was Garth Brooks in a skirt. And in the aftermath that small time town was hers.”

Though Waylon Jennings gives him a run for his money in “Ladies Love Outlaws”:
“Cause ladies love outlaws, Like babies love stray dogs.
Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold.
Outlaws touch ladies somewhere deep down in their soul.”

Try unpacking that one, or don’t.

Good Country Music Quotes

One of the best times to turn to country music is in the dark days post-break-up. Take Garth Brooks‘ ballad, “Two Pina Coladas,” where he offers some great drinking/getting over it advice:
“So bring me two pina coladas, one for each hand
Let’s set sail with Captain Morgan and never leave dry land
Troubles I forgot ’em, I buried ’em in the sand, so bring me
Two pina coladas, she said goodbye to her good timin’ man.”

It almost makes me wish someone would break up with me, so I could go on a double fisting Pina Colada bender.

But how can you compete with T-Swift’s straight-up break-up honesty? I will leave you with her gem:
“We are never ever ever ever getting back together, like ever…”

Copy that Youtube link and send it to your ex!

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