We love you, Mary Jane? Mmmmm…. To be honest, it’s not everyone’s thing, but it certainly is for Cypress Hill, the first Latino hip-hop outfit to reign supreme with their slow trip-hop and stoned funk style that became so prevalent in the ’90s. All thanks to B Real and DJ Muggs! (Those are the two frontmen of Cypress Hill)

More good news than what we already know about the Hill, though, is simply this:

The Smokeout Festival!

Look for it in 2012, because B Real’s big band of weed-followers will be headlining the festival along with other performers like Sublime with Rome, Caf(C) Tacuba, The Dirty Heads, Korn, and Wiz Khalifa — and much, much more. March 3rd is the date, and the Nos Events Center in Southern California is the location.

In case you’re wondering what the Smokeout Festival is — take a wild guess! And then I guess it would make sense that the Hill would be headlining the event big-time.

Seriously, though — the festival actually will feature the Medical Marijuana Expo with some of the latest discussions on the hemp industry. Even a Patient Consumption Area will be available for those who want to smoke (legally, as part of the California registration for medical marijuana).

Mary Jane, indeed!

TODAY…. Yes, TODAY…. is the day of pre-sale for tickets right at the Guerilla Union. Look for Saturday, December 17, though, for the general tickets sale. And please do take a look at www.smokeoutfestival.com. B Real definitely wants you to!