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With the summer 2010 concert scene heating up, as evident by our own increase in demand for concert tickets, we have shifted some of our focus away from sports and are now focusing on music and in particular upcoming summer concerts. Since posting Top 10 Places to Watch Phish this Summer last week, we have decided to do an ongoing ‘summer 2010 concert venues’ series over the next couple of weeks.  So far we have also offered venue ticket price insights for the following:

In our latest installment, we took at look at Dave Matthews Band ticket prices by venue to see where DMB was in highest demand as well as how DMB tickets stacked up against other jam bands.

DMB was the first concert I attended (back in 1999 at Comcast Theatre), so I jumped at the chance to take a deeper look into their continued tour success and the high ticket prices their tour demands on the secondary ticket market. With Dave Matthews Band taking a touring break in 2011 according to Billboard.com, fans should not pass up on the opportunity to see DMB this summer – and based on ticket demand, it seems they aren’t. Below is a graph of the top ten most popular DMB venues as determined by average ticket prices in the resale market.

Dave Matthews Band top venue by ticket priceDMB Summer 2010 Tour Venue / Average Ticket Price Highlights:

  • Churchhill Downs in Lousiville, KY commands the most expensive ticket at an average price of $230.53 because DMB is part of Hullabalou, a multi-band music festival
  • Although DMB is continuing to tour at several stadiums, Nationals Park in Washington, DC (#2) is the only one that cracks the top ten at a $209.54 average ticket price
  • Rounding out the top 5 are: #5 Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood (Atlanta, GA) $170.64/ticket   #4 Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA) $174.42/ticket   #3 Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA)$197.84/ticket

DMB Fan Demand Compared to Other Rock Bands

summer 2010 rock and jam band ticket price comparisonNotes:

  • John Mayer (view John Mayer tickets on SeatGeek) ranks as the most demanded jam band artist with average ticket prices at $149.37 on the secondary ticket market
  • Dave Matthews remains at the top of the class amongst comparable rock bands with average resale ticket prices of $139.89
  • Although we got a lot of ridicule from Phish fans on our recent phish article, there is no denying the fact that Phish fans still utilize the secondary ticket market to see their beloved band play – average ticket prices for Phish on the resale market are $84

List determined from comparable bands to Phish from Last.fm and comparable bands to DMB from Last.fm.

DMB Ticket Prices for Summer 2010 Tour Dates

DMB ticket prices for all 2010 tour dates

Notes on key DMB tour date tickets:

  • In 2009 Dave had to cancel a show at USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley, UT and was nice enough to offer a free show to preferred customers in 2010. This ‘free’ show seems to have impacted the secondary market – USANA had the lowest average prices – however USANA DMB tickets still commanded a price of $38.42.
  • The HullabaLOU Music Festival with DMB, also featuring Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney and several other artists commands a premium price on the resale market.  HullabaLOU tickets on SeatGeek and other sites are selling for high into the $100s/$200s which makes sense because DMB tickets, Bon Jovi tickets, and Kenny Chesney tickets are highly sought after individually.

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