Trust me, it’s a big occasion — forty years in the making. Yes, you heard right —

The music icon loved especially by Courtney Cox herself in that timeless music video — Mr. Bruce Springsteen — will be appearing in Denmark’s most prestigious music festival in history.

The Roskilde Festival.

Now when I say “forty years in the making,” know that I mean Springsteen hasn’t been live there in Denmark for that long. So it’s a momentous occasion.

In addition, the “Boss” (that’s his cool nickname) will be sharing the stage with the likes of alternative songstress Björk, Grammy-nominated folk band Bon Iver, Royce Da 5’7″, Wiz Khalifa, and the always rugged and ripping lyricist Yelawolf.

Talk about a wild time in Denmark. You can check out more of the information on the festival website, and for sure you’ll see more exciting news on the lineup at a later date.

While the pre-festival warm-ups rock out on June 30, 2012, the official dates of the Roskilde Festival are actually July 5 through 8. So be prepared. And even better….

You can expect Springsteen’s E Street Band to show up as well: score!