Devo are denying rumors that they’re plotting a farewell tour.

The idea of the end of Devo crept into the world after the “Coachella of Nostalgia” Desert Daze shared that Devo would play the festival and wrongly said it was part of a endcap for the band. Bassist Jerry Casale messaged Rolling Stone to squash the idea of a final tour.

“#1 If we were going to do a farewell tour we would not call it a farewell tour,” Casale wrote. “#2 If we were going to do a Beginning Was The End tour it would be Devo choosing when and where to make the announcement.”

The band hasn’t toured in half a decade and hasn’t performed a show in two years. In another interview with the magazine, Casale made it clear that Mark Mothersbaugh kept the band off the road.

“We get offers constantly. The money being offered is obscenely good. And I love playing. I wish we’d at least do a ‘The Beginning Was Really the End’ tour, like a farewell,” he said. “I think it would be smarter than just fading away. At least we could die with our boots on.”

Mothersbaugh added that he was open to the idea of a final tour but made it clear that nothing was on the horizon.

Casale said in his email to Rolling Stone that the band might consider touring ahead of the next presidential election to hammer home the band’s central idea that society is devolving.
“Perhaps 2020 before our next presidential (selection) would be a perfectly relevant time for Devo to take the stage for one final campaign 40 years after the release of Freedom of Choice,” he wrote. “Since elections are now rigged by right-wing judges, rampant gerrymandering, voter suppression, and manipulation of the Electoral College to sabotage the popular vote Devo’s canary in the coal mine warning about the loss of liberty and cultural Devolution is more dire than ever.”

Devo has no proper tour planned, but political wonks and post-punk fans should mark their calendars for next fall (or just head out to Desert Daze this year).

Devo Tour Dates & Tickets

10/10-13/19 – Joshua Tree, CA @ Desert Daze Festival (SHOP TICKETS)

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