Choreographed dance numbers, bright color palettes, and collective heartbreak — you can find these three things in every Dua Lipa music video. As we anticipate her upcoming tour, SeatGeek is ranking Dua Lipa’s best music videos. You can buy tickets to Dua Lipa’s 2022 Future Nostalgia Tour here and check out our list below.

Don’t Start Now

On a night out, Dua’s focus is dancing with her girl group rather than reminiscing on her ex. As the lyrics suggest, she’s moved on from her past, choosing herself over anyone else. Set in various clubs, “Don’t Start Now” is a great pick-me-up video. 

Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

Continuing the friendships over relationships theme, Dua walks around the city holding “You can sit with us” and “Not your babe” signs — signaling female independence and inclusion. This is definitely the friend group you run into on a night out and never forget. 


Compared to her others, “Physical” is the most theatrical video from Dua. It’s impossible to look away from every backdrop, outfit, and element of design changing colors throughout the video — not to mention a few anime scenes here and there. Directed and produced by CANADA, “Physical” feels more like a giant film production than a casual music video.

Break My Heart

Say hello to Dua from the 80s — neon lights, mini skirts, and high ponytails. She dances from car hoods to club stages to a crashed airplane, wishing she never met the person she sings about. “Break My Heart” is a wild ride and by far one of Dua’s most captivating videos.

New Rules 

There’s a reason “New Rules” has 2.5B views on YouTube. With the help of her girlfriends, synchronized hair brushing, and a few flamingos, Dua learns these “new rules” on getting over a relationship. Her friend group offers endless support and by the end of the video, Dua is doing the same for another friend. A video based on female empowerment and platonic friendships, it’s no wonder “New Rules” skyrocketed Dua’s popularity.