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Last night marked the last show for Jay-Z and Eminem’s Home & Home Tour with their second of two shows at Yankee Stadium (9/13-9/14). Expectations were high for the first ever concert at the new Yankee Stadium and these were certainly met, if not exceeded. During a summer in which concert sales were reportedly down almost across the board, Em and Hova managed to sell-out Yankee Stadium and drive significant demand on the secondary ticket market.

We previously previewed this tour, which consisted of two shows each at Eminem and Jay-Z’s respective hometown baseball parks: Comerica Park and Yankee Stadium. Let’s take a quick look at how ticket prices ended up, and then I will share some pictures from the show as well as the amazing setlist and guest spots that those in attendance – myself included – were able to enjoy.

Home & Home Tour Ticket Prices

  • Overall the tour had average ticket prices in the secondary market of $230.04
  • Not surprisingly, the Bronx, New York shows ($260.53 on average) were 77% higher than Detroit shows ($147.10)
  • As we outlined in our money saving concert tips back in June, tickets tend to be more expensive the first night of a multi-night tour – this played out true at Yankee Stadium where the 9/13 tickets averaged 9% higher than 9/14 tickets, though in Detroit the Friday slot of the second show drove those prices higher than the first night

Highlights of the Home & Home Tour 9/13 Setlist


  • Songs from Recovery including ‘No Love’, ‘Cinderella Man’, ‘WTP’ and “ending” with ‘Not Afraid’
  • “Sleeperish” songs such as ‘Square Dance’, ‘Kill You’ and ‘Like Toy Soldiers’
  • Not taking himself too seriously – he played pop hits ‘Without Me’, ‘The Real Slim Shady’, ‘My Name Is’, ‘My Band’ and ‘Purple Pills’
  • 50 Cent and Lloyd Bank’s guest appearances – in particular their performances of ‘In Da Club’ (a surprise choice) and ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ respectively
  • When he hit the lyric on ‘My Name Is’, “And Dr. Dre said”, Dre came out as a guest and they performed ‘Still Dre’/’The Next Episode’ followed by a great performance of ‘Nuthin’ But A G Thang’ with Eminem rapping Snoop Dogg’s part
  • A really well executed live version of Stan that gave me the chills
  • An encore performance of ‘Lose Yourself’


  • Guest star Kanye West came out almost immediately (second song), which really set the tone for the rest of the night
  • ‘Hard Knock Life’ was a very enjoyable throwback, along with other pop hits such as ’99 Problems’, ‘Big Pimpin’ and the list goes on…
  • In an expected, but necessary collaboration, Eminem came back out on stage to do ‘Renegades’ along side Hova
  • The guest appearance by Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) was a nice twist and change of pace
  • Beyonce singing the chorus for ‘Forever Young’ was a really nice addition
  • ‘Empire State of Mind’ was fun and energetic – great for the NYC crowd
  • Ending with ‘Numb/Encore’ closed off the set perfectly

Home & Home Tour – Jay-z at Yankee Stadium view from seat

Yankee Stadium Concert Crowd - Jay-Z/Eminem

Note on Jay-Z and Eminem Merchandise

  • T-Shirts were really cool, but selling for $35
  • There were limited edition Yankees fitted hats for $50
  • Maybe an obvious money saving tip – but I was able to scoop up a pretty good t-shirt outside the stadium afterwards for $10 after passing up someone offering it at $20

That about wraps up my take on experiencing Eminem and Jay-Z live at Yankee Stadium – it was definitely one of the best concerts I have been to and certainly the best rap concert. Let me know if you have any questions, my email is

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