Remember Faith No More? The San Francisco-based rock band absolutely tore it up in the 1980s and 1990s only to break up in 1998 (a brief reunion tour occurred in 2009). There were tinkerings of some new tunes, but we’ve just gotten confirmation that Faith No More is currently putting together its first new album in 18 years. The new record is due out sometime in April 2015 via the band’s own imprint, Reclamation Records. In the meantime, “Motherfucker”, a tune that the band debuted at a show in London this past summer, is the album’s lead single and will be released as a limited-edition seven-inch single for Record Store Day Black Friday this November 28 (it will hit the web on December 9). Also on the docket for Faith No More? According to bassist Bill Gould, a North American tour in 2015.

First formed as Faith No Man, Faith No More currently contains only three original members—Billy Gould, Roddy Bottum, and Mike Bordin. Their most recent lineup is rounded out by Jon Hudson and lead singer Mike Patton. Faith No More was cited by Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic as a major influence and a band that paved the way for Nirvana, and other hard rock and grunge bands like Metallica, Alice in Chains, and Guns N’ Roses echo that sentiment.

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Faith No More Video for “Epic”

Image source: Studio Graphico EPICS via Flickr.