Unless you work for an airline, the holidays are a time for slowing down. Just about every industry takes a breather in the back half of December and Nashville’s bread and butter isn’t immune.

Music Row goes a little quiet near the holidays unless Pentatonix have some new retail soundtrack cooked up. But the musicians on the bottom end don’t call in or take time off. Shows continue throughout the city even as Christmas approaches.

Take a look at some of our favorite non-seasonal activities to get into this weekend.

Billy Strings @ 3rd & Lindsley

Saturday, December 22 | 8 PM

Billy Strings is an example of a product doing what it says on the tin. Names don’t get more down-home than Billy and you only need to see his blistering guitar work once to learn how he earned the name Strings. The bluegrass guitarist is showing off his rapid-fire take on roots music for a good cause, throwing a homeless benefit at 3rd & Lindsley.

Shlump @ Exit In

Friday, December 21 | 9:30 PM

Bass music might feel like a non-factor if you cruise around the radio dial. The kids have moved on from the bass-heavy blowouts of early in the decade to the stressed-out and cooing sounds of Xanax pop. But concerns about whether something is in vogue won’t cross your mind if the bass is right up in your face. Get out and dance to the space-age tunes of Shlump.

The Vegabonds @ The Basement East

Saturday, December 22 | 9 PM

Bass isn’t the only thing that can get a crowd moving. If you want a little more down home in your dancing, you can do a lot worse than the southern rockers in The Vegabonds. Stop in on a hometown set on Saturday at the Basement East.

The Oak Ridge Boys @ Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Sunday, December 23 | 7:30 PM

I know we’ve been a little heavy on the roots-y stuff this week. And we’re going to continue to be for at least one more blurb because, come on–it’s the Oak Ridge Boys. Catch the “Elvira” crooners at the Symphony Center to close out your weekend right.

(Cropped image courtesy of Derrick Brutel via Flickr. | CC BY-SA 2.0)