Imagine Dragons have just announced a tour in support of their third studio album, Evolve, due out this summer. While the trek doesn’t kick off until September 26, tickets go on sale May 19 and are sure to be in high demand. But with summer music season right around the corner, dropping a bunch of cash on fall concerts might not be in the cards for everyone. Have no fear! Read on for our top tips to save money when buying tickets to the 2017 Imagine Dragons tour.

Tip #1: Utilize the Ticket Tracker

Find out when Imagine Dragons ticket prices drop in a city near you by utilizing SeatGeek’s “Track Artist” feature. When you track the artist and/or event, you’ll be notified of any cost fluctuations and if any additional dates have been announced. You can find the “Track Artist” feature at the top of any performer or event page..

Tip #2: Check Out Nearby Cities

While it’s certainly more convenient (and exciting) to catch Imagine Dragons performing at your local venue, it might not always be the smartest move. If you live on the East Coast, do some comparison shopping to see what nearby venues offer the cheapest ticket prices. For the die-hard fans living in a larger, less-clustered area, consider planning a summer vacation to one of the more affordable concert destinations.

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Tip #3: Use Deal Score

When spending hard-earned cash on concert tickets, fans want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth. Deal Score is a tool developed by SeatGeek to help rank the value of a ticket based on historical prices for the performer and the venue, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of the other available tickets for the event. Utilizing this feature will ensure that you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck when buying Imagine Dragons tickets.

Tip #4: Wait Until The Last Minute

Calling all procrastinators! If you don’t mind being spontaneous, waiting until the week (or even hours) before the concert can often save buyers money when purchasing tickets. While it’s not a guarantee that prices will drop, sellers with remaining inventory are eager to rid themselves of extra tickets, thus costs go down the closer it gets to show time.

Tip #5: Cozy Up To The Nosebleed Section

If you’re just looking to get to the Imagine Dragons show and don’t really care where you sit, sort the ticket listings by “price.” It’ll filter the cheapest options to the top, showing you the current lowest get-in price for the concert. With Imagine Dragons performing at such large venues on their fall tour, there will likely be large screens projecting them so that everybody gets a clear view. Or with the money you saved on your nosebleed tickets, you can buy a fancy pair of binoculars.

(Image courtesy of Cancha General via Flickr.)