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Country music legend Garth Brooks has a huge stadium tour planned for 2019. He already announced dates from March into May and shared that even more shows are on the way. Want to know what you can look forward to when attending one of his upcoming shows? Read on to learn more about the Garth Brooks stadium tour.

What To Expect On The Garth Brooks Tour

If you’re expecting the 2019 tour to be a repeat of Garth Brooks’ fall stadium shows, that won’t be the case. The country music star likes filming shows at the end of a tour run, which means he’ll likely be bringing something fresh to the table next year. It’s also possible that depending on which tour date(s) you see Brooks, you might be part of a crowd that gets filmed!

Additionally, Brooks is always determined to put on unique, unforgettable shows. Don’t show up expecting to experience a series of performance exactly like what you might have seen before. For Brooks’ fans, every opportunity to see him live is its own wonderful night of entertainment.

What Time Does Garth Brooks Come On Stage?

The thing about a Garth Brooks concert is that it doesn’t necessarily get underway as early in the evening as you might think. So many people come to see the star that fans may enter the stadium at around 7 pm local time, but not see Brooks on stage until close to 10 pm. It’s quite possible for shows to start late and go on until well after 2 am! Fans often don’t mind because it’s all part of a memorable experience. For the exact set time, your best bet is to call the respective venue.

Garth Brooks’ Stadium Tour Setlist

Because Garth Brooks wants to keep his tours fresh, it’s possible that the upcoming official set list will be a bit different from his most recent tour. Even so, the tracklist for the most recent tour should give you an idea of what songs you can expect to hear during future shows.

All Day Long
Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House
The Beaches of Cheyenne
The River
Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)
Amarillo by Morning
That Summer
Ask Me How I Know
The Thunder Rolls
Fishin’ in the Dark
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
Callin’ Baton Rouge
Friends in Low Places
The Dance

Standing Outside the Fire

How Long is the Garth Brooks Concert?

As mentioned before, a Garth Brooks concert could start at around 10 pm and continue until after 2 am. It depends on the songs included in the setlist. Shows tend to last between three and a half and four hours. If you’re going out to see the country music legend, you should expect to enjoy his concert until very late at night.

What Does the Official Merch Look Like?

If you want to see the newest official merchandise, you can check it out on Garth Brooks’ official website. The items available include hoodies, hats, T-shirts, and posters. The cost of Brooks’ tour items ranges in price between $5 and $45.

Garth Brooks Concert Highlights

Fans of Garth Brooks always want to be as close to the stage as possible because the country music icon loves to interact with his audience. This sometimes includes reaching down and recording parts of his show with their phone, giving them an amazing memory that they can immediately share with their friends and family on social media.

Concert-goers might also spot some pretty special or colorful props on stage.

When Will the Garth Brooks Tour Be in My City?

The Garth Brooks tour will hit stadiums across the United States. Current dates are between March and May, you can expect Garth Brooks to announce more tour stops soon. Check out tour date (and ticket buying) information below!

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(Cropped image courtesy of Larry Darling via Flickr. | CC BY-NC 2.0)