After retiring from the road 13 years ago, country legend Garth Brooks is back and better than ever. In early January 2014, he announced that he and the band would perform two gigs in Ireland in July. Sadly, those shows were cancelled, but the statement he released left fans speculating: “Before we go back on tour in the fall of 2014, I want to challenge myself, the band and the crew.” Indeed, after a mysterious message on the official Garth Brooks website stated: “The wait is over… 7/7″ fans flooded the site to find out exactly what Garth had in store. The cryptic message was replaced with information about a news conference taking place at noon ET the following Thursday. At said news conference, Brooks made the announcement that fans had been waiting over a decade for: it’s time for a tour!

It seems the superstar country singer is making up for lost time from the road in a big way, and he is embarking on a world tour that will take place over the next three years. Three years! He is unveiling dates slowly, announcing a few shows a week. The most recent city unveiled is North Charleston, SC, at theNorth Charleston Coliseum on February 13.

Garth Brooks Concert Tickets & Tour Dates

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Garth Books & Trisha Yearwood Setlist

Garth Brooks Set

Man Against Machine
Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House
The Beaches of Cheyenne
The River
Two Piña Coladas
Papa Loved Mama
Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)
Unanswered Prayers
That Summer
If Tomorrow Never Comes
The Thunder Rolls
People Loving People
In Another’s Eyes

Trisha Yearwood Set

XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl)
How Do I Live
Georgia Rain (Duet with Karyn Rochelle)
She’s in Love With the Boy
Garth Brooks
Callin’ Baton Rouge
Friends in Low Places
The Dance

Encore 1


Encore 2

Amarillo By Morning
Piano Man
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
Standing Outside the Fire

Garth Brooks Ticket Prices

If you’d like to go see Garth Brooks live at the Encore Theater, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny. Currently, the lowest price for his January 3, 7:30pm performance, is $606. This is only a few hundo more than his 10:30pm performance later that evening, which has a low price of $445. Apparently, Las Vegas-goers can’t hang. His January 4, 7:30pm performance has a low price of $450, and the later show has tickets as *cheap* as $498. While at the low end compared to the other current tickets for sale, the average ticket price of Garth Brooks’ 2012 Vegas residency sold at an average ticket price of $469 on the secondary market. If 2014 tickets continue to climb, they will far exceed the historical average.

Historical Garth Brooks Ticket Prices

City State Date Price
Las Vegas NV 1/1/12 $375.00
Las Vegas NV 1/2/12 $750.00
Las Vegas NV 1/3/12 $500.00
Las Vegas NV 1/5/12 $404.00
Las Vegas NV 1/6/12 $250.00
Las Vegas NV 1/7/12 $475.00
Las Vegas NV 1/8/12 $184.00
Las Vegas NV 1/9/12 $685.00
Las Vegas NV 1/10/12 $350.00
Las Vegas NV 1/11/12 $543.00
Las Vegas NV 1/12/12 $411.00
Las Vegas NV 1/13/12 $534.00
Las Vegas NV 1/14/12 $372.00
Las Vegas NV 1/15/12 $572.00
Las Vegas NV 1/19/12 $634.50
Las Vegas NV 1/21/12 $695.00
Las Vegas NV 1/22/12 $695.00
Las Vegas NV 1/23/12 $550.00
Las Vegas NV 1/24/12 $335.71
Las Vegas NV 1/25/12 $350.00
Las Vegas NV 1/26/12 $495.00
Las Vegas NV 1/27/12 $472.50
Las Vegas NV 1/28/12 $500.00
Las Vegas NV 1/30/12 $515.50
Las Vegas NV 1/31/12 $557.00
Las Vegas NV 2/1/12 $400.00
Las Vegas NV 2/3/12 $250.00
Las Vegas NV 2/4/12 $475.00
Las Vegas NV 2/6/12 $247.00

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