You know the hit TV show “Glee“? Imagine possibly getting a taste of that talent for real, on stage, in the flesh.

On December 18, that was the case as “Glee” star Darren Criss announced literally five hours before a benefit concert for Toys for Tots that he would be appearing to perform in the Big Apple. Surpriiiiiiise! To be even more specific, his performance was held right in Joe’s Pub.

100 tickets were available for the event, and you can bet many who were crazy for Criss were geeked with Glee at the fact that they were going to see up close and personal the likes of one of the stars of the hit TV show.

He apparently performed ten songs, a couple of them being ‘Teenage Dream’ and Aladdin’s ‘Part of Your World.’

Mr. Darren Criss definitely made everyone part of his world for Christmas.

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