Gogol Bordello Tour 2013

Gypsy-punk (what, you’ve never heard of the genre…?) band Gogol Bordello will take their accordions and grungy stage attire out on the road this spring, summer and fall, for a characteristically extensive tour. The rockers who’ve made a name for themselves spending lengthy amounts of time traveling around, gypsy-like, and performing live, punk-like, are still at it, having booked a slew of gigs for May, June, July, August, and September.

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Gogol Bordello’s first show is set to take place this weekend, on May 10 in Portugal. After their first few European performances (their other Portugal show is slated for the 11th) the group will head back to the States on May 30. They’ve made plans to travel around the Midwest through mid-June, but then it’s back to Europe, where Gogol Bordello are booked almost solid from June 14-July 7. July 20 will once again see the band performing in their native country – in Massachusetts, specifically – although not for very long; Gogol Bordello will round out the last several months of their tour with concerts in Canada and South America, where their final show is scheduled to take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on September 25.

In other words, no matter where in the world you happen to live, chances are, Gogol Bordello will be dropping in for a live appearance. Tickets to a bunch of the group’s shows are on sale now – see our list of discount links below!

Gogol Bordello Concert Tickets

Gogol Bordello Concerts

Date City State Venue
5/10/2013 Coimbra Portugal Coimbra Student Festival

5/11/2013 Porto Portugal Porto Student Festival

5/30/2013 Robbins Crossing Ohio Nelsonville Music Festival

5/31/2013 St. Louis Mo. The Pageant

6/1/2013 Ozark Ark. Wakarusa Music Festival

6/2/2013 Houston Texas Free Press Summer Festival

6/4/2013 Tulsa Okla. Cain’s Ballroom

6/5/2013 Memphis Tenn. Minglewood Hall

6/7/2013 Indianapolis Ind. Egyptian Room

6/8/2013 Milwaukee Wis. Pabst Theatre

6/9/2013 Detroit
 Mich. Orion Music + More
6/14/2013 Donington Park UK Download Festival

6/16/2013 Aarhus Denmark NorthSide Festival

6/18/2013 Warsaw Poland Stodola

6/19/2013 Wroclaw Poland Eter Club

6/21/2013 Scheeßel Germany Hurricane Festival

6/22/2013 Scheeßel Germany Hurricane Festival

6/23/2013 Scheeßel Germany Hurricane Festival

6/21/2013 Neuhausen ob Eck Germany Southside Festival

6/22/2013 Neuhausen ob Eck Germany Southside Festival

6/23/2013 Neuhausen ob Eck Germany Southside Festival

6/26/2013 Borlange Sweden Peace & Love

6/28/2013 Stord Norway Stordfest

6/29/2013 Kristiansand Norway Ravnefest

6/30/2013 Paris France Solidays

7/3/2013 Hradec Kralove Czech Republic Rock For People

7/5/2013 St Denis de Gastine France Festival Au Foin De La Rue

7/6/2013 Saint Prouant France Festival Les Feux de l’Eté

7/7/2013 Kontich Belgium Rock Werchter

7/20/2013 Greenfield Mass. Green River Festival

7/25/2013 Floyd Va. FloydFest

7/27/2013 Bristow Va. Jiffy Lube Live
8/3/2013 Bonner Springs Kans. Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

8/8/2013 Squamish British Columbia Squamish Valley Music Festival

8/9/2013 Squamish British Columbia Squamish Valley Music Festival

8/10/2013 Squamish British Columbia Squamish Valley Music Festival

9/21/2013 Rio de Janeiro Brasil Rock in Rio

9/23/2013 Porto Alegre Brazil Opinião

9/24/2013 Curitiba Brazil Master Hall

9/25/2013 São Paulo Brazil  HSBC Brasil

Gogol Bordello Past Setlist

Main Set

Track Song
1 Dig Deep Enough 
2 My Companjera 
3 Sally 
4 Immigrant Punk 
5 Not a Crime 
6 Wonderlust King 
7 Tribal Connection 
8 Wataka Wataka 
9 Name Your Ship 
10 Trans-Continental Hustle 
11 Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher) 
12 Break the Spell 
13 When Universes Collide 
14 Other Side of the Rainbow 
15 Start Wearing Purple 


Track Song
1 Lost Innocent World 
2 Mishto! 
3 Alcohol 
4 Amen 
5 Think Locally, Fuck Globally 

Gogol Bordello Videos

Gogol Bordello: “Trans-Continental Hustle”

Gogol Bordello: “Not a Crime!”

Gogol Bordello: “Start Wearing Purple”