Just days after their first show following the death of founder and lead singer Dave Brockie (AKA Oderus Urungus) in March, the monstrous metal band GWAR has just announced a MASSIVE tour this fall and winter. Although the group will play Riot Fest Chicago on September 12, the mayhem technically begins on October 15 at the Norva in Norfolk, VA. From there, it’s on to a series of shows around the Northeast. They’ll play Louisville on October 22 and then take a run through the South, eventually making to the Southwest and into California, playing up and down from Santa Anna to the San Francisco, with some detours into Nevada. After a couple shows in the northern Midwest, the guys will head on to play through the Pacific Northwest. They’ll then play a couple shows in Canada and cross back over the border for leg a through the Midwest — hitting venues from Fargo to Cleveland. They’ll play the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC on November 28, and then proceed to bounce around between the Northeast, the South, and Canada. The intergalactic Scumdogs will finish up the tour in Baltimore on December 13.

Formed in the 80s in Richmond, VA, GWAR is a thrash meal band known for their elaborate costumes and intricate horror/sci-fi mythos, as well as their gory live shows. Their antics earned them some brief mainstream success back in the early 90s (culminating in a cameo in Empire Records), and a devoted fanbase

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