No stranger to promoting his own films, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s latest tour will see him happily supporting other people’s artistic endeavors. The actor and owner of the production company/website “hitRECord” will visit a half-dozen East Coast and Mid-Atlantic venues this November, showcasing the creative outpouring – songs, films, stories, etc. – that have sprung from his online community.

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hitRECord is Gordon-Levitt’s shared space for fellow inventive, social-media and tech-savvy types. Members upload their work and are encouraged to “remix” others’ contributions, or “records” (the site’s ubiquitous term for any piece of art – music records as well as poems, doodles, etc.), by editing or adding to them. Inkeeping with Gordon-Levitt’s “remix isn’t theft, it’s just how we work together” philosophy, fans are allowed to record all hitRECord events – the more footage they upload, the greater the opportunity for remixing and creating shared art.

Tickets go on sale October 5 at 10 am, but we’ve got a few presale options now. Be sure to check back here at the end of the week when more seats start to sell!

hitRECord Events 2012

US Dates

Date City State Venue
11/13/2012 Washington DC Warner Theater 
11/14/2012 Richmond VA The National
11/15/2012 Durham NC Duke University
11/17/2012 Kingston RI University of Rhode Island
11/18/2012 Ithaca NY Cornell University
11/19/2012 Philadelphia PA Merriam Theater

hitRECord European Shows

Sorry to disappoint JGL’s UK fans, but it doesn’t look as if the actor has plans to tour abroad anytime soon. That doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind in the future, though (maybe a 2013 trek?) – at which point, we’ll have updates!

hitRECord Tickets 2012

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