1. Take it to Social Media

Every T. Swift fan knows that the singer is very active on social media, especially Instagram and Tumblr. Just ask Sinead Murray, the fan who notoriously waited outside the Radio 1 studios in London for 20 hours before Taylor’s appearance on a morning show. Taylor began following Sinead on Tumblr, where the fan had been uploading photos and messages to the singer in preparation for her arrival. So when Taylor finally got there, she made a beeline right for the fan, and now they are besties. Or you can be like Jacob Thomas, the 15-year-old who created a YouTube lip sync to 1989. The video became so popular that Taylor ended up watching and falling in love with it, and invited Jake to come see her perform at Jingle Ball 2014…aaand now they are besties.

2. Get Involved in the Taylor Swift Community

Head to the official Taylor Swift website to get access to Taylor’s message boards, check out fan blogs, and find like-minded friends. While you’re there, sign up for her official newsletter and get access to tour and pre-sale information, plus first dibs on meet & greets and concert tickets. That way, when Taylor announces her next tour, you’ll be the first to know! Plus, if you become a forum regular, you might just get asked to be in her next music video.
twift dancing gif(Image courtesy Perez Hilton)

3. Create a YouTube Parody Video

Jake Thomas wasn’t the only one to get Taylor’s attention through a YouTube video. “Shake it Off” sparked yet another parody, only this time performed by the Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu boys at Transylvania University. The video was so clever that Taylor tweeted at the fraternity: “I’m personally inviting all of these guys (and a date!) to a show on tour next year, it’s on me. Nailed it, bros!” (So either create a video like this, or start dating one of these frat brothers.)

4. Get Noticed Outside the Concert Venue

Or, ya’ know, get married outside the concert venue. Longtime fans Katy Harris and Chris Eisenmann did just that when they tied the knot outside of Taylor’s Philadelphia show earlier this year. When the singer saw the newlyweds’ “just married” photo on Instagram (shown below), she gave them the surprise of their life when she invited them to join her backstage.
insta couple

5. Go to SeatGeek.com

Use a ticket search engine like SeatGeek.com, and never miss a sold out show again. Choose from over hundreds of Taylor Swift tickets for each stop on her 1989 World Tour, all rated from best to worst deal, plus view an interactive seating chart that shows you exactly how close you’ll be sitting to pop royalty. taylor swiftSeatGeek is free to use, and when purchasing tickets you’ll see the all-in price–that means no hidden fees at checkout. Click here to view all currently available Taylor Swift tickets.