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Though Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd is busy with his Brendan O’Brien-produced side project, Sons of the Sea, on a recent radio interview he said that fans should expect a new Incubus album and supporting tour in 2015. Though the band currently is short a record label, they have been making loose plans to keep on truckin’. Guitarist Michael Einziger seconded Boyd’s news, tweeting, “New @IncubusBand music and tours in 2015. Nothing set in stone, but *very* high likelihood.” Sounds hopeful! We will, of course, update you with ticket news as soon we get it.

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Formed in 1991 in Calabasa, CA, Incubus’ current formation lies with vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, drummer Jose Pasillas, bassist Ben Kenney, and DJ Kilmore. They reached the mainstream with their 1999 release, Make Yourself, but became a full-fledged rock band with 2001 single “Drive” and Morning View, their next album. Incubus’ most recent album, If Not Now, When?, hit shelves in the summer of 2011. Incubus’ genre isn’t so easy to specify: over the course of their career, they’ve collected elements of alternative, heavy metal, funk, jazz, hip-hop, techno, grunge, and more into their sound.

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