Jay-Z Selling Nets Shares & Becoming Agent

In “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z raps about making the Yankee cap more famous than a Yankee can. You may think that’s hyperbole in this case, since the New York Yankees have already won more World Series titles than anyone else in MLB history, but it’s certainly a slick line from one of the most successful rappers & businessmen of our time. (Correction: he’s not a business man; he’s a business, man!) Well, Mr. Carter is taking a step toward giving every sports team the chance to see him rockin’ their gear: Jay-Z is becoming a sports agent. The first star joining Hova is Robinson Cano, the All-Star second basemen the Yankees are looking to sign while he’s helping them compete in the American League East and before he becomes a free agent and possibly leaves Yankees Stadium this summer.

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The details about who’s doing the real contract negotiating are a bit boring (industry power CAA, if you’re wondering), but there are many interesting moving pieces for this sports’ business event. Jay isn’t allowed to be an NBA franchise owner and represent players, so he must sell his minority share in the Brooklyn Nets before adding any basketball stars to the Roc Nation Sports portfolio. Just how small his until-now-undisclosed stake is has surprised some, but it’s no matter. Jay-Z made the Nets legit in their new home and put his permanent stamp on the Barclays Center to make it a Brooklyn and NYC destination. He’ll always have his clothing stores and 40/40 Club there to visit, regardless of ownership. So look for Jay-Z, not-so-secret Agent Man

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With all this going on, don’t forget that Jay-Z remains one of the biggest draws on the music scene and will be in concert with Justin Timberlake for the Legends of Summer tour in 2013.

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Even if they’re losing their best link to the local community, the Brooklyn Nets are set to make noise in the NBA Playoffs wearing the gear that Jay-Z helped to design and sell. A few regular-season dates are left on the schedule.

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The Yankees have their challenges due to the big salaries and lengthy injuries of their biggest stars, but they are competitive out of the gate in 2013 thanks to the efforts of their slugging second baseman and Jay-Z client, Robinson Cano.