John Mayer New Album 2013

After a three-year hiatus between his last two albums, there is already a new John Mayer album on the way in the next couple of weeks, titled Paradise Valley. This follow-up to Born and Raised will be available to fans just a year after the previous record. While some of the previous delay can be attributed to the talented artist’s vocal health issues, Mayer’s busy life as a celebrity in the last couple of years has certainly given him plenty of inspiration for music. His two most recent relationships of note were with popular artists Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, and it’s always been said that an artist who’s loving and losing is more likely to be creative.

While his earliest work showed off his pop sensibilities, the new John Mayer album will continue to show more of his evolution as an artist incorporating country and folk aspects into his music. Always a top notch guitarist, Mayer has moved through his albums finding new ways to emphasize that instrument while varying the arrangement and complexity of his lyrics. This new album will also be the foundation for his latest tour and fans’ first chances to see John Mayer concerts because of the limitations posed by his health issues over the previous couple of years. Debuting the 2013 John Mayer tour look at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, there’s no doubt that the popular artist is back and ready to entertain fans both on the radio and on stage.

John Mayer New Album Release Date

Paradise Valley is scheduled to hit the shelves of a record store (and the friendly app right there on your computer or phone) near you August 20, 2013.

John Mayer New Album Cover

The cover art for John Mayer's new album Paradise Valley was recently released.

John Mayer New Album Tracklist

Most folks are familiar with the first single off of the new John Mayer album, titled “Paper Doll,” which may or may not be about his now-extinct relationship with Taylor Swift. His second single, “Wildfire,” recently hit airwaves and features Frank Ocean. Other tracks will include collaborations with Katy Perry, among others.

Track No. Song Title
1 Wildfire
2 Dear Marie
3 Waiting on the Day
4 Paper Doll
5 Call Me the Breeze
6 Who You Love
7 I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)
8 Wildfire
9 You’re No One ’til Someone Lets You Down
10 Badge and Gun
11 On the Way Home

John Mayer Discography

The first four John Mayer albums were multi-platinum in the US, and his 2003, 2009, and 2012 album releases all reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart. Because his most recent album, Born and Raised, was his first not to go platinum, it’ll be interesting to see how the new John Mayer album Paradise Valley sells when it first hits stores.

Year Title
2001 Room for Squares
2003 Heavier Things
2006 Continuum
2009 Battle Studies
2012 Born and Raised
2013 Paradise Valley

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