John Mellencamp announced that his “No Better Than This” tour will return to the US for a slew of new tour dates this fall. The John Mellencamp tour , which started last year, has spent several months in Europe, most recently playing several gigs in England. Now, Mellencamp plans to return to the US for his tour finale, starting in Indianapolis and working his way around the country.

The John Mellencamp tour was a huge success in 2010–the rocker’s diverse set-list and all around American approach were just what fans were looking for. Mellencamp hopes to continue last years success with 17 new dates this fall. Tickets for the tour are available now on SeatGeek!

John Mellencamp Tour Dates 2011

10/25 — Boston, Mass. Tickets
10/27 — Montreal, QC Tickets
10/28 — London, ON
10/29 — Hamilton, ON Tickets
11/1 — Grand Rapids, Mich. Tickets
11/2 — Columbus, Ohio Tickets
11/4 — Reading, Pa. Tickets
11/5 — Newark, N.J. Tickets
11/6 — Greensboro, N.C. Tickets
11/9 — North Charleston, S.C. Tickets
11/11 — Savannah, Ga. Tickets
11/12 — Knoxville, Tenn. Tickets
11/13 – Louisville, Ky. Tickets
11/15 – Green Bay, Wis. Tickets
11/16 – Milwaukee, Wis. Tickets
11/18 – Rockford, Ill. Tickets
11/19 – Indianapolis, Ind. Tickets

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