If you were hoping for a last minute score in your 2011 celebrity death pool, sorry to disappoint. Reports yesterday that unequivocal rock god Jon Bon Jovi had passed away seem to be little more than internet rumor. To further put the chatter to bed Jovi even tweeted a picture of himself holding a card that read, “Heaven looks looks a lot like New Jersey.” I sure hope not. He even dated it Dec. 19, 2011 6:00 PM, decreeing proof of life as the internet’s lastest captive.

He, or someone who very much looks like him, also performed a two-hour benefit last night at his Hope Concert at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey. According to the Star-Ledger, Jovi “referred to the hoax several times, and even pantomimed taking phone calls from concerned friends checking to see if he was still alive. He even felt the need to rehash the old Mark Twain quip about how the reports of his death had been exaggerated.”

A blog know as ‘dailynewbloginternational‘ seems to have been the origin of the phony report after it borrowed sentences from a 2009 LA Times article regarding the death of Pop legend Michael Jackson. I’m not sure if Jon Bon Jovi is capable of dying, but I’m pretty sure a WordPress blog won’t be breaking that news.