Journey Tour

It may seem like only yesterday that Journey found their new singer, Arnel Pineda, in the Philippines via YouTube, but it’s already been five years since the band reinvented themselves with more international credibility. They’ve released two new studio albums since Pineda joined the band, and the group’s original members are celebrating 40 years together since forming in Boston in 1973. There won’t be a new Journey album this year to mark the occasion, but there will be a 2013 Journey tour to bring some of the most popular rock hits to thrilled fans across North America. These headlining dates will compliment their scheduled supporting dates for Rascal Flatts.

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Journey’s current sound strikes a remarkably similar vibe to the original version with front man Steve Perry. Pineda wasn’t the first replacement for Perry when the original lineup went their “Separate Ways” in the late 90s. Two other singers came and went, and one other tribute band singer was given an audition and opportunity to write with the group. Pineda and the band have enjoyed success with their two albums, and his stage presence on supporting tours has been well received by fans. Fans around the country are certain to welcome the lineup with “Open Arms” as they sing along with the iconic records Pineda’s voice serves well & the newer songs that have carried the band into the most recent decade.

Journey Concert Tickets & Tour Dates

Journey Concerts

Date City State/Country
6/28/2013 Hollywood FL
6/29/2013 Hollywood FL
7/19/2013 Cheyenne WY
7/20/2013 Minot ND
7/24/2013 Windsor Ontario
7/26/2013 London Ontario
7/27/2013 Belleville Ontario
7/29/2013 Rama Ontario
8/1/2013 Hershey PA
8/3/2013 Gilford NH
8/4/2013 Atlantic City NJ
8/15/2013 Kinder LA
8/16/2013 Lampe MO
8/18/2013 Springfield IL
8/20/2013 Highland Park IL
8/21/2013 Highland Park IL
8/23/2013 Tulsa OK
8/26/2013 Albuquerque NM
8/28/2013 Las Vegas NV
8/29/2013 Las Vegas NV
9/1/2013 Snowmass CO

Journey Video for “Don’t Stop Believing”