A classic rock staple ever since their 1975 debut, Journey has built a career on everything from sweeping, soft ballads to uptempo, danceable anthems. Their 14 Grammy-winning, genre-spanning albums remind us that, although the band lineup may change, Journey is forever. Here’s a look at Journey’s top songs:

Don’t Stop Believin’

This inspirational, incredibly catchy song first appeared on Journey’s 1981 album Escape, cementing the band as mainstays on the rock scene just six years after their debut. 2010’s Glee cover also introduced a whole new audience to the uplifting lyrics. 

Any Way You Want It

This uptempo and danceable love song was introduced on the band’s 1980 album Departure. Featuring a truly excellent guitar solo and a whole lot of optimism, this is certainly a Journey fan favorite (and hard to get out of your head)!

Open Arms

This melancholy power ballad about a doomed relationship starts off with just piano, then kicks it up a notch with drums and that classic Journey heavy guitar. It’s also, to our knowledge, the only Journey track with an equally beloved Mariah Carey cover.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

This song, off the 1983 album Frontiers, pairs some Motown influences with (of course) heavy guitar and synth. Though the concept music video shot for this song wasn’t ultimately as successful, this breakup track definitely stands out.


This love song off the 1983 album Frontiers, about an on-the-road musician and his family, was once hailed by a rock critic as “the greatest power ballad of all time.” The music video, which featured footage of the band on tour, was the first of its kind and helped to make the song so successful.

Journey’s Top Songs

You can listen to the rest of Journey’s Top Songs on Spotify below:

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