Justin Bieber Baby Scandal

In November 2011, Mariah Yeater came public with the claim that Justin Bieber was the father of her three-month-old son. She told lawyers they had a brief (according to the court reports, very [30 seconds!] brief) sexual encounter backstage after a concert at The Staples Center in LA. She also claims that Bieber refused to use protection because he said it was his first time. (So not like Justin.) Now 15 months old, Tristyn’s (with a spelling like that, he’s sure to get far) father is still unclear. Though Yeater dropped her case shortly after filing it, the parties are still working on settling outside of court. Bieber has taken a paternity test, but Yeater’s lawyer, Jeffery Leving, claims never to have received the results. To make things even messier, Bieber was 16 during the alleged intercourse and the age of consent in California is 18. So sprinkle a little statutory rape on top of that paternity case.

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In April, Bieber taunted Mariah Yeater via his “RANDOMTWITTERHOUR” in a message that read simply, “Dear mariah yeeter [sic] …we have never met…so from the heart i just wanted to say…” and included a clip from the film “Borat” of Sacha Baron Cohen repeatedly jeering, “You’ll never get this.” As if this wasn’t enough, he also wrote a song, “Maria,” (Mariah – Maria..get it?) on his latest album, Believe, which begins with soundbites of reporters asking him about the case and continues to rather explicitly tell Yeater to STFU. Though all this seems to point towards the Bieb’s innocence, the case still officially hasn’t been settled. So it’s up to you – check him out in concert and try to determine if he’s father material. Maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll play “Maria.”

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