Justin Bieber set out on the Justice World Tour this weekend and — not to boast — our setlist prediction was spot on. Unfortunately, Bieber postponed the Las Vegas tour stop due to a COVID-19 outbreak within the touring party, but upcoming stops include Glendale, Los Angeles, and San Jose. 

Whether you’re headed to a Justice World Tour show soon, or want to spend a few minutes reliving Bieber Fever (is that still a thing?), SeatGeek listed our favorite Justin Bieber videos below:

Baby (feat. Ludacris)

Obviously, “Baby” is a staple in any Justin Bieber listicle. The video dropped over 12 years ago and has amassed 2.7B views and 20M likes on YouTube. Every preteen girl watched this video for the first time wishing they were the love interest in the bowling alley (just us?). While the video does exemplify Bieber Fever, the special appearances by Drake and Ludacris served to legitimize Bieber in his early years. We’d argue every person in your life knows the chorus to “Baby.”

Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)

We gushed over “Peaches” in our Justice World Tour setlist prediction, and here we are again. The video starts out with Bieber, Caesar, and Giveon singing in the car and nodding their heads to the beat — something we’ve all done when listening to this track. While we wouldn’t recommend laying atop a moving car like the guys do, the dancing, jamming, and head-nodding is absolutely encouraged.


Straying from the dance-pop revelry, “Ghost” is poignant and heartwarming all at once. Directed by Colin Tilley (director of “Holy”), the music video sees Bieber grieving the loss of his father, and his mother (Diane Keaton) grieving the loss of her husband. Rest assured, the story is fictional, but an incredible depiction of loss and the timeline on moving forward. At least from our perspective, “Ghost” is a lesson on grieving at your own pace and allowing joy into your life once again.

Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper)

“Holy,” also directed by Colin Tilley, shows Bieber and Ryan Destiny play a twenty-something couple amidst a pandemic. Bieber loses his construction job, while Destiny works on the frontlines as a nurse. The couple holds their love for one another close as they experience life’s tougher moments. A special guest appearance from Wilmer Valderrama shows why a stranger’s kindness can make all the difference. 

Justin Bieber: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

It’s not a music video, but his Tiny Desk shows Bieber’s vocal improvement and ability to perform high-energy pop tracks in a laidback setting. He plays a handful of recent hits like “Holy” and “Peaches” with his band: Harv (bass), O’Neil “Doctor O” Palmer (keys), DJ Tay James (DJ), Robert Taylor (drums), and Julian McGuire (guitar). Bieber’s Tiny Desk shows the performer he’s grown into and the performer we’ll get to see on the Justice World Tour. 

Photo by Noiseporn on Unsplash