Justin Bieber Fan Fiction

While Justin Bieber boasts 30 million followers on Twitter (second only to Lady Gaga’s 31 million, but he does gain an average of one follower per second, so watch out, Ms. Gaga) and is one of the most popular trending topics, some of his fans choose not to limit themselves to 160 characters. Rather, they devote pages and hours to their love of Justin by writing complex (albeit grammatically poor) fan fiction. Hey, it’s better than doing drugs, right?

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These fan fiction writers have complex online communities and their own Twitter, which advertises new posts and updates about their latest writings. Be it on Tumblr or on forums (where fans can comment on and rate stories) there is an incredible amount of literature being produced about Bieber. After extensive reading, I can promise that the stories follow a fairly standard format: cute-repressed-proper girl falls for bad-boy Bieber, or surprisingly nerdy-uncool Bieber falls for the beautiful-most-popular cheerleader. Surprisingly, some of the stories also feature semi-explicit sex. Just make sure you’re using protection! For those fans who prefer more conventional methods of worship, please know that Justin Bieber will be on tour through the end of next summer!

Justin Bieber Fan Fic: Some Favorite Fan Fiction Quotes

(All grammar errors were kept to retain authenticity)

Not all fan fiction is heteronormative:

“Once we could talk again, and breath, Justin looks over at me. ‘Dude, this is like the coolest thing ever. I can’t believe I actually have Black Ops already. Like, wow. Can I hug you?’
Um duh. Is that even a question? ‘Haha, sure.'”

But Justin Bieber is always the best boyfriend you could ever imagine:

“He gave me a smaller kiss this time and held me close. ‘You don’t have to be afraid, Ally,’ He said softly. ‘I’m not like Joe. I will catch you if you fall and I’ll treat you right. I won’t ever hurt you like he did.’
‘Do you promise?’
‘I promise.’ He pressed a kiss to my neck and said, ‘I want you to be mine.'”

Many feature Justin’s perspective and alternate realities where he’s not a rock star:

“I just met her. If she knew what I have been thinking of her, she’d probably think I was some kind of creep. But she was like the first girl, who was sweet to me. All the other girls I’ve met treated me like trash and just called me names, like the rest. I just wished I was born the popular person. They’re so lucky. They have everything. I sighed, rolling around on my bed.”

But he’s always good looking:

“I’m not going to lie, he was pretty good looking, smoking’ even. His jaw was on lock tight and it looked sexy. I began to count the freckles on his neck, getting up to four until he sighed in frustration, snapping his head towards me.”

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