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Justin Bieber is a man of many talents. The singer, born in 1994 to loving mother Pattie Mallette, grew up liking the same things that any young Canadian would like: hockey, soccer and chess. OK, I guess the only thing that screams Canada is the hockey thing. But besides his athletic tendencies, at a young age (like, really young) Bieber also had a burning love for music. The Ontario-born singer began teaching himself piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet, and clearly he has been singing since his Mom popped him out of the womb. Not to mention that this

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His latest album, Believe, reflects these aforementioned talents. The 13-track record is a departure from his previous two releases, which were more bubblegum pop, and delves into the world of hip-hop and urban sounds. The first single off the album, “Boyfriend,” garnered comparisons to the first solo recordings of Justin Timberlake, who everybody knows is a killer musician/singer/performer. Hopefully on the next Bieber album he will take it even further and not only write the songs, but perhaps play some of his own instruments. Check out below to get your hand son some Bieber tickets. Or, if you can’t make it to the show, check out some of these awesome animated GIFS that we’ve compiled and get your daily dose of Beebz.

Justin Bieber Animated GIFs: Funny

justin bieber 3

What’s the big deal? Don’t you wear a black wife beater when you go swimming, too?

justin bieber 4

Everybody pukes. Even Justin Bieber.

justin bieber 5

Look at the Beebz with his new girlfriend! Oh, wait – that’s his hot mom. Awkward!

Justin Bieber has moves.

Who’s got their hands all over my man?

It's not his baby, baby, baby -- OH!

It’s not his baby, baby, baby – OH!

Bieber kind of looks like an understudy for Mumford & Sons in this pic.

Bieber kind of looks like an understudy for Mumford & Sons in this pic.

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